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The Century Story
​& The Wildflower Man

The photo to the right was taken at the time I was beginning the research. 

In parallel, other events in my life were focusing my attention elsewhere.  This included my oldest son, Arthur's nearly fatal motorcycle accident in September 1997. 

It would be an understatement to say every part of my life collapsed.  Now, I would say things which were extraneous were made irrelevant to my main focus, which was surviving and ensuring Arthur survived the suicide attempt he was persuaded to by his adopted father, Craig Franklin, on March 22, 1998.  

Life is; it is up to each of us to make sense of it.  

                                  Arthur Clarence Pillsbury

Chapter One - The Conspiracy Begins

Chapter Two - Stephen Mather Enters the Story

Chapter Three - November 1990 - The Call from Father

Chapter Four - Ansel Adams expresses his opinion

Chapter Five -  The Adam's Scheme Fails

Timeline - Characters - Locations
Significant Events in the
​Rising Action, Climax, Denouement

This small contact print sat alongside others in Grandfather's album from his Stanford years.  As soon as I saw it I laughed because it expressed the question in his mind on how he could capture larger and longer images. 

The Sweep Action Aperature Panorama Camera.  Probably taken before 1897.