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News Clips on Sierra Club 

High Trips - 1917 - 1928

   The Sierra Club's William E. Colby ended the High Trips in 1930 and there was little known about these seminal events, which were originally suggested by John Muir.  Using archival materials we were able to assemble a record of these events.  Reading the past is always fascinating, as we see events from a different perspective.  

San Francisco Examiner
-  July 8, 1917

San Francisco Call July 3, 1904

San Francisco Examiner -  July 28, 1916

Oakland Tribune July 30, 1920

Reno Gazette-Gazette July 31, 1918

Oakland Tribune Sept. 7, 1919

Hanford Morning Journal - July 25, 1921

Los Angeles Times - July 21, 1922

San Francisco Examiner - July 8, 1923

Oakland Tribune - April 3, 1924

Oakland Tribune - August 20, 1925

Oakland Tribune - July 1, 1926

Visalia Times-Delta - July 20, 1927

Oakland Tribune - September 20, 1928

This was put out by the Sierra Club after Arthur C. Pillsbury had been burned out of Yosemite by the orders of Stephen Mather and will the eager cooperation of Pillsbury's janitor, Ansel Adams.  Virginia Best was clearly in on this because no other repository for the stolen negatives and other material taken by Adams was available. 
 See Map, New Village .