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Mary Louise Curry Tresidder

                                                                Born: 29 Nov 1893 - died 29 Oct 1970

Parents:    David Alexander Curry

                      Jennie Etta Foster Curry

      In Mary Curry Tresidder's own words - "As I was a child of five when we first came in, my recollections of those first days are necessarily rather limited and chaotic. 
     I remember the wild ride down the old Coulterville Road with Driver Eddie Webb on our first trip in, and I remember how the 4-horse stages used to wheel into the turn-around at the front, with a crack of the driver's whip out of a cloud of dust. 
     My father and a porter or two and any guests who had not gone for hikes or rides would be assembled for the big event of the day, and there would be a warm welcome for the travelers, with much flourishing of feather dusters. 
     Ladies had their hats tied down with heavy veils, and unfortunate was he or she who didn't sport a linen dust-coat. Even in 1915 there was only one mile of hard-paved road in the Valley."

Mary Curry was the tool used to force the Currys out of any kind of management for the Curry Company, making it possible for Don Tresidder to work with Stephen Mather to force a merger of Curry and the Yosemite Park Service Company, formerly the Desmond Park Service Company.  Apparently, after the death of David Curry on April 30, 1917, Mather's plans changed.  Daniel Joseph Desmond was out.  He had lost his usefulness and was dispensed within a series of moves that returned him to providing meals to laborers.

Mary and her younger sister, Marjorie, presented another avenue for control.  Mary and Foster did not get along.  After several years, Don Tresidder again began seeing Mary, this resulting in their marriage on June 17, 1920.  The push to defame Foster began only after she and Tresidder had married.  But this was not long in coming. 

Marjorie was recently married Robert Tatman Williams Sr., who in advance was added to the management team for Curry Company formally under the management of Jennie Curry.  But Tresidder was in control from this time on.  Williams lasted about a year before Tresidder dropped him.  

To this day, none of the descendants of the three children, two of whom had children, are speaking to each other.  By which I mean, Foster's children are not in contact with Marjorie's children.  They should really start talking because comparing notes can bring real insights.  

The Take Over of Curry Begins

Donald Bertrand Tresidder