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Mayor Gavin Newsom 
The Centennial 
San Francisco Earthquake & Fire - 1906

I first contacted Newsom's office the year before, 2004, because I was preparing to relaunch the Pillsbury Picture Company for the Centennial of the Great Quake and Fire.  At the time, I did not realize how connected the elites were.  Any illusion on this point was shattered when I realized Stephen Mather's only honest job, and one he loathed, was as a reporter for the New York Sun and that he had thereafter engaged exclusively in self-dealing to enrich himself.  I experienced chagrin and revulsion.  But this development certainly explained why he had ignored my gift of a large panorama, as indicated below and other events, which had puzzled me.  

These revelations are provided in the timeline.    

Gavin Newsom
Mayor, San Francisco
City Hall, Room 200
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102
Re:  Donation of Earthquake panorama and the Earth Community Project 
December 28, 2005
Dear Mayor Newsom,
            I contacted your office over a year ago regarding our donation of a remastered panorama taken the first day of the Earthquake and Fire.  The photo was taken by my grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury and at the time your representative asked that I contact you again closer to the scheduling of events so that we could make a formal presentation in person. 
            So I am getting in touch so that any necessary coordination can take place. 
            We restarted the Pillsbury Picture Company so that we could reissue the remastered prints using the original name but the proceeds will go to benefit the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation and the Earth Community Project, which I would like to share with you. 
            A group of us, all concerned on the issue of the environment have been discussing what direction to take for over two years now. 
            The point is getting Americans off the grid of oil dependence while at the same time laying down a network for cooperation at the most local level.  The project will create partnerships between the market sector and not for profits. 
            It is an interesting coincidence that one of our partners is the Earth Society, the group that first proclaimed Earth Day and that the first Earth Day was held in San Francisco. 
            The means we are adopting begins with information and a website, The Earth Community, that will allow anyone to identify those technologies that will make it possible and affordable to get off the web. The site will then connect users to the necessary resources to achieving that end for them.   Our expert on this is John Perlin, the author of seven related books including the seminal The Golden Thread, tracing the history of solar energy over several thousands of years.
            John's movie, The Power of the Sun, is now finished and is receiving amazing reviews.  This project has been co-sponsored by two Nobel Laureates as well.  
            While solar energy is one focus other forms of alternative energy that are non-impactive will also be included on the site.  The essential programming for the site is now being outlined.  We anticipate the site going live next year. 
            This is a long term project, obviously, but essential for reasons too well known to you to enumerate. 
            The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire marked a moment in time when Americans both in San Francisco and across the country made the right decisions as individuals.  That aftermath is even more significant when contrasted with the tragic debacle that faces us in the aftermath of Katrina. 
            The right answers are local and getting off the grid gives individuals the clarity to see that for themselves. 
            I hope to hear from you soon. 
All the best,  
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster